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Copied from  Stephanie Shinno

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It is bittersweet. My last day at The Garden Island newspaper is today. Thank you, Kaua‘i, for allowing me to serve you. It’s been a humbling experience.

Kaua‘i will always be my home, but it’s time to take it up a notch and walk with purpose. I am moving to O‘ahu in early August to learn about the TV news industry. I hope I make you proud. And to all of my sources, please stay in contact with me, in case I cover Kaua‘i news.

Thinking back to my first day at TGI, I really didn’t know what to think. When former Editor Bill Buley said “to stop by the office, let’s chat,” after being a judge with me at the Miss Kaua‘i Filipina Pageant, I never really knew what I was getting myself into until I began my writing career. On day one, I came with two stories from the weekend ready to roll. But little did I know I had so much to learn.

It is true, you never know what a journalist does until you actually experience it for yourself. I thought a journalist just wrote, but was taught by my colleagues the importance of not being biased, writing with journalistic standards and making sure you get the facts straight.

Grammar, writing with all the details, catching the attention of your audience are all very-important tips I can give the next inspired journalist. Make sure you be a sponge, swallow your pride, and learn from the best around you.

I will miss my TGI ‘ohana. There were good times, and then the pandemic happen, and we made it through the hard times with laughter, helping each other and just being in the present moment.

We did it. We survived through 2020 together and made it through with fewer resources than we desired. It was an experience that made us stronger. You are forever engraved on my heart.

The best part about being a journalist at TGI, I got to meet some incredible people with big hearts. I got to interview many fascinating people from Kaua‘i and in the state that I would not have had the chance to if I wasn’t working here.

Through the pandemic, we stayed resilient and found ways to help each other. I am going to miss Kaua‘i and will continue to fight to protect it.

My favorite articles that I wrote were during TGI’s “Hometown Hero” segments when Kaua‘i’s finest didn’t think of themselves during the pandemic. Instead, they stepped up to the plate to serve someone else in need. And it’s no secret, I love featuring people and telling their stories more than the investigating stories I did. I always believed people brought the magic. People can make a difference.

I am so honored to have served you during this pandemic and hope you continue to support TGI.

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