#1 Job Hunting

#1 Job Hunting for Grads: Virtual Internships  and Other Tips from a Job Expert.

#1 Job Hunting for Grads: Virtual Internships– Experts say new college graduates will need to change their approach to finding a

job during these unprecedented times. Job Consultant’s Career Center’s senior director provides advice on where they should begin


HoustonUnemployment has hit record highs, as the economy continues to take a deeper hit. We are committed to helping people get back on their feet through our Job Consultancy and  Hiring campaign.

For graduating seniors it’s a very uncertain job market. Lori Shreve Blake, senior director and Consultant a  Career Center, joined us via Skype to talk about where to start.

How have internships changed?

“Internships are virtual now. With COVID-19 we’re in the situation where some of the major employers are converting their physical on-site interviews or internships into actual virtual internships,” said Shreve Blake. “We encourage our students to get those micro-internships, special projects and be resourceful during these times.”

What’s the best way to do an informational interview?

“The best way to do an informational interview is really to contact the person. I know at USC we have something called the Trojan network, which is a database of alumni who agreed to talk to students. LinkedIn is great and it doesn’t matter where you went to college.

You can research alumni that are working in your industry of choice and send them a an email and request an informational interview. And 80% of jobs come through networking. We know it works.

And so, informational interviewing is the number one thing that people should be doing lots of. And then the most important question to ask is there anybody else that you recommend that I speak with?”

What do you tell students who are feeling bored  in this job market?

“What we need to do is keep moving forward. Don’t put the brakes on your job search. Understand that there still are jobs out there. I know of a few cases. General Mills hiring for supply chain management.

What I really want students and graduates to know is that in addition to the big Fortune 1000 companies, there are midsize companies, there are small companies. There are companies you’ve never heard of who are doing very well during this time of COVID. And seek out opportunities in those organizations.

So it’s gonna take a little bit more research, a little bit more work, a little bit more determination, but they will succeed if they keep on trying.”

“And what a great story to tell after COVID is over: About how they were resilient and they found work even during these tough times.”

5-Step Guide for First Careers in this CORONA ERA

5-Step Guide for First Careers in this CORONA ERA

5-Step Guide for First Careers in this CORONA ERA

The graduating class of 2020 will go down in the history books for their FaceTime commencement ceremonies, for their online final exams, and for their (just assuming) epic virtual underground frat parties.

But, soon, it will be an extremely weird time to be a recent college graduate who’s looking for their first job during a rather … unprecedented moment in time.


While it’s still too soon to know how the coronavirus pandemic is going to impact the economy in the long-term, it’s probably fair to say the graduate career fairs will be few and far between this spring. There will be no in-person employer events.

The campus career center might not have all the answers. Long story short, the post-grad job search is likely to feel like more of a minefield than usual this year. And it’s likely to feel a lot lonelier, too.

I graduated just as the economy was getting back on its feet after the global financial crisis — and I still stumbled, rather inelegantly, into the land of grown-up employment.

Scoring my first real job took months on end. Joining the working world basically felt like I was at the bottom of Everest, staring up into the clouds, unclear on how to take my first step toward the summit. I’m almost a decade past my own graduation, but I never forgot that feeling.

Instead, I got obsessed with making it feel less scary for the next wave of college graduates, and wound up becoming an entry-level career coach when I was only 25 myself.

If you’re about to graduate into this season of lockdowns and virtual socializing, it might feel tempting to cocoon and cross your fingers and wait until it’s all over — but we don’t know when exactly when “over” is coming yet. Instead, I have a couple of ideas for how to put yourself out there and stand out during these crazy times.

5-Step Guide for First Careers in this CORONA ERA

Studies show that 70-80% of jobs never get posted online — they get filled directly through personal referrals instead. Networking is key to any successful job search, and it doesn’t have to stop just because you can’t meet someone in person.

Instead of submitting hundreds of resumes online: use this time to shoot your shot, introduce yourself over email, and ask out a professional hero of yours on a virtual coffee date. (You might be even more successful booking these dates than you would have been before, considering everybody’s stuck at home just like you are!)

Internships can be a key differentiator for graduates looking to stand out in the market, with employers saying internship experience is often the deciding factor for otherwise equal candidates. But what on earth are you supposed to do if your intern offer gets rescinded or you can’t find an internship right away?

Look for alternative ways to get the experience you need over these next few months. You could join a volunteer campaign or offer to help out a local small business. You could organize a virtual effort of some kind for your neighbors or for people across the globe.

You could pitch your own internship, too. Plenty of companies will use this down time to do some administrative “spring cleaning” they’ve been meaning to get to for years, for example. Propose the idea, offer your services, and you might just get the job.

More than ever, people will be turning to your online presence to get a better understanding of who you are and what you’re about. Make sure that your virtual first impression is as pristine and professional as you’d like it to be.

The key is to go a step beyond just “hiding” your personal life from the world. Think, instead, about how you can impress them with your online presence. What if you did a series of interviews with senior people in your field and wrote about what you learned on LinkedIn?

Not every company goes through hard times when the economy hits a bump in the road. Make a list of businesses that do well – that maybe even do better – if people are stuck at home: delivery companies, video streaming services, home exercise equipment manufacturers, online dating sites, and many more.

Across the world right now, senior executives are working from home for the first time ever. This is a totally unprecedented situation and very few people are experts at virtual work. That, in itself, presents an opportunity.

How do teams keep their spirits up when everybody is at home? What’s the best way to flag issues to your manager? How do people get their work equipment set up at home? What are the pros and cons of the various software systems people are using in order to stay in touch?

Set out to educate yourself on a specific aspect of remote work (team culture, technical set up, meeting etiquette, you name it) so that you can add value to your new team from day one.

In every situation — yes, even in pandemics — there are little opportunities to reach out and make yourself useful. By focusing in on what you can bring to the table, and communicating that value clearly, you’ll find a way to get through this job search with grace.

Quarantine Opportunities to Earn Money

Quarantine Opportunities to Earn Money.

Corona virus pandemic continues to increase day by day across the world; there are many citizens who are kept in isolation, protected inside their homes, waiting for the circumstances to get better. To hold back a potential epidemic, offices have shut, and the government and health care experts inform people to stay at home and be safe.

Until and unless there is a cure to this situation, we’re stuck at home; then why not to think to do some productive work it could be anything like doing freelancing jobs or taking online courses which can help you in further terms. So, to make you deal with this tough time, we have assembled below top 10 best work from home jobs that can help you to earn better and cross your time efficiently.


Best Work From Home Jobs during COVID-19 Lock down

1. Web Development:

  • Do you have an interest in coding and web designing? If yes, then you can easily work from home as a web developer as there are plenty of opportunities for other freelancing web developers who can give you a run for your money. Web development is generally outsourced by

companies and is consequently a part where finding work is easy. However, it is essential to find your position, build a good reputation and keep your pricing reasonable.

2. Content Writing:

It is one of the most admired professions with the massive demand for well researched and well-written web content, and recruiters are always looking out for people who are expertise in the same field. If you have a good grab of grammar, an appealing writing style and are engrossed in researching different topics and writing about them, then this freelance job is perfect for you.

3. Making YouTube Videos:

It is the best option to cross this tough time period. If you’re not camera-shy and a good communicator, then this platform is the right choice for you. To start the YouTube blogging, you can choose a type or subject that you want to create videos on and get started, but be definite it’s a topic that’ll significance a lot of people.

Everything from cooking shows to political debate shows can find many takers on YouTube. For recording a video you don’t need a formal setup to record videos, a mid-range Smartphone is sufficient all you have to do is create a YouTube channel, which works on a comparable model as a blog-

as you make your channel popular. The number of subscribers grows so that you will be earning good wages.

4. Graphic Designer:

If you’re well skilled with the designing techniques, choosing graphic designing is the best job opportunity and most in-demand skill list. You can go through various in designing web pages, infographics or design for print and many other related tasks. To earn well in this preferred field, a portfolio is the best key to accomplish goals and targets.

5. Social Media Coordinator:

As per the increase in the development of digital and online strategies, it is becoming the most important tool to create awareness and be updated with the marketing trends.

This job opportunity gives a chance to people who are an online expert and keen towards exploring more of new things all-around social media websites. Many businesses are in need of helping hands which can outlook their social media outlets and maintain the proper consistency.

6. Translator:

If you’re well known with different languages, then it is the best job option to hold on. To become a translator, you have to be proficient with the language in which you excel at it could be English, Hindi, German, French, Chinese etc. You’ll also have to ensure to have the correct certification for your country.

7. Teacher:

If you love teaching kids or other school grade students, it is the right job for you. You can become a private tutor giving students additional teachings after school or coaching pupils online. And for that, you need to have specific qualifications to earn a good amount of value.

8. Copy Writer:

Copywriters are not the same as content writers. They are different from writers and specialize in writing content for website pages and descriptions for products and services. It entirely depends upon your experience and skill if you are experienced then the charge work rates are set accordingly.

9. SEO Specialist:

The need for an SEO Specialist is increasing rapidly in this freelance world, as everyone wants to rank exceedingly on Google and other search engines. Taking projects from clients and assuring them to increase their organic traffic can only be done by the SEO person.

To prove your expertise in this field, you need to have a verified track record of getting an arrival of clients.

10. Internet security specialist:

Nowadays, hacking is way too common, and it is taking place frequently for every business model. With so many hackers targeting business and startups, internet security skills are on the rise. If you’re able to cope with hacking issues easily, then this job fits you and you can also make a lot of money out of it.

If you’re looking for some quick ways to cope up with this COVID-19, taking up these freelancing jobs is the best way to beat your free time. Through this way, there is a wide opportunity for you to continue working from home after coronavirus pandemic ends,

and then building up a good portfolio on freelance platforms such as Guru, Freelancer etc. should be the primary concern.

11. Social Media Marketer.

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Jobs after Corona Pandemic

Over the past 10 days, the U.S. economy has been rocked by corona virus pandemic. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that the corona virus outbreak could eliminate 3 million jobs in the United States by summer, and the United Nations estimates that nearly 25 million jobs could be lost worldwide.

jobeduresult.comcorona virus

Still, some are optimistic that hiring will continue in select industries that have not been negatively impacted by coronavirus. 

Amazon recently announced it is hiring an additional 100,000 employees in the U.S. to meet a surge in demand from online shopping.

“Though the outbreak is impacting the way we work, it’s not impacting our business needs — and as a result, hiring needs are still crucial and open positions still need to be filled to continue providing strong business outcomes and value,” Peter Baskin, chief product officer at Modern Hire explains to CNBC Make It.

CNBC Make It spoke with job seekers and industry experts to see what it’s like to look for a job during the pandemic.

A shockingly tough job market

Looking for a new job is uniquely difficult during the coronavirus outbreak because many organizations are laying off employees and traditional ways of hiring have also been disrupted. 

Cheryn Shin, a senior at Wellesley College majoring in English and creative writing, says she has spent the past few months looking for a full-time job to start after graduation. But because of the pandemic, her job search has become even harder. 

“It feels like even fewer companies are looking to hire,” she says. 

Jasmyne Keimig is a culture writer living in Seattle, a so-called “hot spot” for corona virus. She was recently laid off from her job writing at The Stranger, a biweekly newspaper, due to a drop in revenue.

“When I got suddenly laid off by The Stranger, it was shocking,” Keimig tells CNBC Make It. “Though my employers encouraged me to get on unemployment, I was very aware that I was dropped into a tumultuous job market along with thousands of other people in similar situations.”

“On top of that, much of the casual and part-time labor I’d relied on previously had dried up due to the social distancing measures in place,” she says. “It was a devastating blow both professionally and financially. My community has been extremely supportive of me and for that I’m thankful.” 

Workers in the service industry have been hit particularly hard. 

Natalee Cruz was working as a hostess at the New York City restaurant Chinese Tuxedo when it was required to close on Monday, March 16. She says managementstarted a GoFundMe to raise donations for the staffand promised to rehire everyone once they can re-open.

Without her primary job and no firm date for when restaurants will be allowed to re-open in New York, Cruz is supporting herself with a part-time freelance writing position that pays $975 every two weeks. 

“It doesn’t feel like I can look for other jobs right now. There’s just so much uncertainty going on, and I don’t think this is necessarily a hiring market,” she tells CNBC Make It. “The biggest battle we need to be fighting right now is containment. It’s not going to be comfortable, but I can find a way to get by.”

Technological growing pains 

While the future of the job market remains unpredictable, what is certain is that how workers are hired has changed — starting with the interview process.

“In response to COVID-19, many companies such as Twitter, Google, Amazon, Target, Ford and Fiat Chrysler, have switched over to video interviews for job candidates,” Kathy Gardner, senior director of public relations for job site FlexJobs tells CNBC Make It. 

Gardner stresses that applicants need to give themselves additional time before an interview to adjust to the technology, and they should consider factors such as audio settings, camera settings and internet connection strength. 

The technological transition from in-person to online interviews is expected to be bumpy for many workers and employers. 

“As more and more of the workforce is working from home indefinitely due to COVID-19, HR teams will rely more heavily on video interviewing, which will lead to the need to reevaluate the technology that they’re using,” says Baskin. “While tools like Hangouts, Zoom or GoToMeeting are convenient, they’re not designed to fit interviewing needs — which could, in turn, impact the quality of the interview, and eventually, the quality of the candidates being hired.”

He says that in the future, companies will develop virtual interview platforms that cater to their organization’s specific needs, whether that’s group interview or test administration capabilities.

And this technological transition brings a new host of best practices that applicants need to consider during an interview.

“Make sure you present yourself well virtually. It’s not enough to just dress nicely, you want to demonstrate that you are adaptable in any environment,” Brian Buck, CEO of Scotwork North America, a negotiation consulting firm, tells CNBC Make It. 

Additionally, applicants need to consider how their body language comes across on screen, especially since being at home can lure them into a false sense of informality. 

“Place both feet on the ground, and avoid doing things like slouching or holding your head up with your hand. And always try to keep your hands in your lap to avoid distracting gesturing or fiddling,” says Gardner. “It’s also important to pay attention to where you’re looking. Looking at the interviewer’s face on your computer screen means you’re not actually looking into the camera and making eye contact.”

A disadvantage while negotiating

For those workers who do manage to land a new role, they may be at a disadvantage when it comes to negotiating for their salary and benefits because of the current labor market and economy.

In the near term, negotiating could be harder for applicants “as companies are working through understanding all the impacts of COVID-19 on their business,” says Buck. “However, as companies become accustomed to the new normal, it will get easier to have these types of conversations.”

“My advice is to be mindful of the other party’s situation and pick the appropriate course of action,” he says. “In the industries that are being negatively impacted, the right course of action might be to pause. In the industries that are experiencing positive impacts, the right course of action might be to be proactive and push your agenda.”

Job seekers should research how much an organization typically pays for a given role and be prepared to provide clear evidence for why they are deserving of their desired salary. 

“Don’t be afraid to tell them what you want. If you’ve done your homework, you’ll be able to anchor the negotiation in your favor,” says Buck. “But be realistic while being optimistic.”

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